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All OEM auto paints are mixed in house with Axalta (Dupont) automotive paints, and are 100% accurate for make, model, and year.
To maintain color quality and accuracy, we only hand mix paints for sale in 2oz. bottles.

Premium Pre-thinned Airbrush paints.

Automotive colors
House Of Kolor
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Solid Pearls(1oz. bottles $6.99)
Colorshifts(1oz. bottles $6.99)
Candies(1oz. bottles $6.99)

Emergency Colors
Racing Colors
Movie Car Colors
Fleet Colors
Military Colors
Airliner Colors
Railroad Colors
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Color Of The Month.

April COTM is (66-72) Toyota 1453 Olympus White.

This is a very pretty almost eggshell off-white. A nice classic color that would look good on almost any car and would make a great half of a two-tone color!
Get a 2oz. bottle in Basecoat for only $5.50 all month.

(1966) Toyota 1453 Olympus White


5oz. 2K clearcoat kit.

With the success of the aluminum bottles in keeping our hardeners usable for much longer than before, we are now offering a 5oz. 2K clear kit. You get 4oz of clearcoat, and 1 oz of Hardener, as well as 10 of our droppers. You can mix as much or as little as you like.

Mix ratio is 4:1 -Four (4) parts clear to one (1) part hardener.
DO NOT use the same dropper in both the clear and the hardener, it WILL ruin both.

5oz. 2K clearcoat kit

Recommended vendors.

If you are interested in 3D printing your own parts, or looking for more information on 3D Printing then ScaleSpeed Garage is exactly what you are looking for!
The work of Chris Bell (Bolide Plastic Motorworks, and 3D printing Genius) is widely known to be some of the best in scale. I met him at GSL, and was impressed with how much he knew of 3D printing and how much he was involved in the modelling community.

After looking over the ScaleSpeed Garage website I decided to join with a full year Backyard Wrencher subscription. That gets me a 3D printer, and a year's access to the site. Perfect, since I need a 3D printer, help learning about it, and someone with the expertise on that specific printer who can help me troubleshoot it. For the price, You can't go wrong with that deal!

Click on the logo above to get a subscription for an amazing 30% off your first 3 months.

If you are looking for quality 3D printed engines and parts, we recommend VCG Resins by Reese. I have personally used these products and cannot say enough about the high quality, part fit and finish, and great prices that they offer.

After meeting Josh Reese at GSL, I can say that he is on the right track to support the hobby and offer creative and quality parts for years to come.

This is not a side gig for him, he is serious about quality and customer service!

Click on the logo above to checkout his website. You will not be disappointed.

Use code SF10 and save 10% on his products!