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Premium Pre-thinned airbrush colors.

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GSL Model Show Pre-order requests.

We will be at the Salt Lake GSL show May 4-7th. The vendor area is inexplicably only open on Saturday the 6th from 7 a.m. to noon. Because of this unusual and very short timing of the trade show we are asking that you please give us pre-orders so we can make sure you get the colors you want.

I will personally be at the show for the entire 4 days, plus I will be able to mix colors at home after hours, I live about 30 minutes away from the show. I have the ability to mix custom color matches during the show, so if you need a match please reach out to me and let me know. Feel free to bring any decals or other items you need color matched to the show, and save time and money on shipping.

Please reach out to me at

Color Of The Month!

Every month we will highlight a new color. Subscribe to the newsletter to get extra detailed information about the colors.

The COTM for March is NEW Interior Olive Green in basecoat. Get it for only $7.99 a 2oz. Bottle.
This is a good color choice for late 1960s to 1970s cars, it has that era feel to it.

Check out the interior colors page for more colors, and the flocking page for flocking and matching paint colors.

Interior Olive Green


March Promo.

All month long we are offering a free bottle of Slime free glue (use with flocking) with the purchase of 2 flocking shaker bottles.

-This promo is an add on to available orders and CAN be combined with a discount code.
-Glue will be sent automatically, no need to use a code or add to cart.
-Not available with flocking kit purchases, they already come with glue.
-One free bottle per order only.

New Order Items.

Because of the large number of inquires we get regarding compatibility of differing products, application techniques, and paint combinations, we are now offering a small plastic spoon with each bottle of paint sold.

We unfortunately cannot test out all of the various paint lines on the market, and we rely heavily on customer feedback for information.

These new spoons are a great way to test out combability of differing products, getting a feel for the airbrush and the paint, or to document paint results when they are sprayed out.

Currently we are aware of issues with, and do not recommend using;
-Tamiya primers made after after 2022, the new formula does not work with our paints.
-Future floor shine has been an issue covering our basecoats. Customers have reported crackling of the finish, and finish flaking off the basecoats.
-Mr Color Leveling thinner has recently been reported to cause issues with our paints, it caused severe fish eye in the color coat.

With the new test spoons you can try out your favorite combo of products without having an issue ruin an entire kit.

We also add a small eye dropper with each color to make transfering color to airbrush easier.

Legit Mystery box

Twelve (12) 2oz. bottles of unreplicatable colors $39.99.
For fans of the mystery boxes comes a box full of true mystery colors!
These come from my local paint supplier, and are good paints, just unknown paint codes.
Box contains both Gloss Enamels and Basecoat colors.
None of these colors have been available before, and once they are gone, will not come back.

Liquid mask.

Works well over painted surfaces, as well as bare plastic. Comes in a 2oz bottle with an applicator brush with the lid. Water cleanup, dries clear, and easy to peel off of masked areas. All for $7.49

Liquid mask


Bottles and droppers.

2oz. Empty clear PET Bottle, with Lid, stir BB, and 2 blank labels. $.99ea
5pcs 6" long eye droppers, good for paint use. $2.99

Bottles and droppers


International Shipping.

Scalefinishes can ship internationally. If you live outside the US, please feel free to send in an order. After receiving the order I will be contacting you for the extra charge it costs me to ship internationally.

I know the second postage charge is weird, but it saves the customer a lot of money over just posting a flat add on charge for International shipping.

If you have any questions, please email me at