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Economy priced items.
Premium Pre-thinned airbrush paints, clears, and primers.

Essential Airbrush Cleaning kit

Make airbrush cleaning a breeze! Use these essential tools for quick cleaning of any airbrush.
Kit contains 1oz. of SUPERreducr in a handy dropper bottle, 50 lint free cotton 2X2" cleaning patches, 15 Cotton 3" Tipped Applicators, and 5 Steel wire wrapped 6" cotton pipe cleaners.

Essential Airbrush Cleaning kit

Anti-Static Plastic Cleaner kit

Used to clean all plastic parts before applying primer. Also works on clear plastic.
Just wipe on and wipe off with supplied lint free cleaning patches.
Kit contains 1oz. Cleaning fluid in a handy dropper bottle, 50 lint free cotton 2X2" cleaning patches

Anti-Static Plastic Cleaner kit

2oz. Slime-Free Glue

Slime-Free glue is recommended for gluing flocking fibers. It is not a plastic model glue, but can be used to hold parts temporarily
Glue is clear, non toxic, washable, and comes with an applicator brush in the bottle!

Slime-Free Glue

1oz. Green liquid mask.

Works well over painted surfaces, as well as bare plastic (even clear). Comes in a 1oz. bottle with an applicator brush with the lid. Brushes on, and easy to peel off of masked areas. Dries in as little as 1 hour, must be removed before 5 days. Green color makes it easy to see when applying.

1oz. Green liquid mask


Must use a primer under all scalefinishes paint colors to protect the plastic and give an overall smoother finish.
SUPERprimer does like a light coat and a short dry time between coats, but covers well, leaves fine details, and works over metal, plastic, and resin.

SUPERprimer Black


Black is great under metals, dark colors, and perfect for use as a substitute for BL-1 under pearl midcoats. When left bare it looks similar in sheen to BL-2 Low-Gloss Black.

SUPERprimer Gray


Gray is perfect for all around painting, and works with all colors. My Go-to for all paint jobs.

SUPERprimer Red


Red is good for oxide red finishes (car underbodies, and military equipment), and can be used as a base for rust tone finishes.

SUPERprimer White


White is good for super light colors and a must for Neon colors.

SUPERprimer Pink


Pink is good for bright reds.


BL-1 Basecoat Black


Basic basecoat black, needs clearcoat for shine and protection. Best value for black paint, can be used on almost everything, and perfect fo use under Didspade colors, and creating custom finishes using different sheen clearcoats.

BL-2 Low Gloss Black Enamel


Enamel black that dries to an almost flat sheen. Perfect for chassis parts, underhood, and interiors.

BL-3 Semi-Gloss Black Enamel


Enamel black. Perfect for interiors (dries to a leather look sheen), chassis, and underhood parts where you don't want a flat or a high gloss finish.

BL-4 Gloss Black Enamel


Basic Gloss enamel black. Dries shiny and hard, but can also be used with our Gloss Enamel hardener for a little extra shine and a much faster dry time.

Mystery colors.

Roll the dice and see what you get!

Mystery Basecoat

Mystery Gloss Enamel

Honey Clear

-Named after the slight golden color it has in the bottle, once dry all traces of the gold tint will disappear.
-Dries very fast, even at room temperature.
-Crystal clear and shiny when dry.
-Decal friendly, so you can use it directly over the top of decals.
-Works with both Basecoats, and Gloss Enamels.
- Adding our Enamel hardener (NOT REQUIRED FOR USE) gives you the flexibility of quicker dry times and a higher gloss. Looks like a 2K clear but without some of the harsh chemicals or bad smell.
-Honey Matte Clear is the same product as the gloss version only in a low sheen finish. Great for interiors, military, and custom applications.

Honey gloss

Honey matte