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Q- Do you have a color sample?
A- I have no color charts, chips or pictures at this time. But, if you Google the name and year of the color you are looking for, there are plenty of good pictures online.

Q- What kind of clear can I use with your colors?
A- My colors are a professional grade solvent based automotive paints, and can be top coated with just about anything.

Q- Will your 2Klear work with hobby paints (Tamiya, Testors, Etc..)?
A- Yes! it works very well over those brands and styles of paints.

Q- What is the shelf life of your paints?
A- As long as they don't dry out the paints are good almost forever. THE 2K CLEAR ONLY HAS ABOUT A TWO (2) WEEK SHELF LIFE, unmixed, and is only good for a few hours after it has been mixed.
Gloss Enamel Hardener also has a limited shelf life of around two (2) weeks.

Q- Do you sell paints in spray cans?
A- No. But you can buy a product called Preval, they make reusable spray cans that work well with my paints.

Q- What do I use to clean my airbrush?
A- I recommend the inexpensive lacquer thinner you can get at the local hardware store.