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Premium Pre-thinned midcoat custom pearls.
All pearl colors are designed to be used over a basecoat. Black or White is recommended, but any color can work, just use your imagination the options are limitless.

Midcoat custom colors are easy to use, Just choose your basecoat color, and then spray the midcoat. The more of the midcoat you spray, the more prominent the effect will be. Finish it off with a clearcoat for shine and protection of the color.

Midnight Black 2oz. Basecoat


Bright White 2oz. Basecoat


Color of the Month. ($4.99)

Green Apple Pearl

Purple Fusion Pearl

Purple Interference Pearl

Copper Interference Pearl

Blue Interference Pearl

Red Interference Pearl

Gold Interference Pearl

Rose Copper Pearl

Ultra Turquoise Interference Pearl

Ultra Blue Interference Pearl

Gold X Pearl

Ultra Purple Interference Pearl

Green Interference Pearl

Ultra Gold Interference Pearl

Emerald X Pearl

Atomic Red Pearl

Betta Teal Pearl

Black Pearl

Blue Lagoon Pearl

Bombay Blue Pearl

Breaking Blue Pearl

Bronze Pearl

Carbon Steel Pearl

Caribbean Pearl

Coal Pearl

Cobalt Blue Pearl

Cocoa Pearl

Cranberry Crush Pearl

Cranberry Satin Pearl

Deep Forest Pearl

Fine Wine Pearl

Fort Knox Pearl

Glam Pink Pearl

Glitter Pearl

Gloom Green Pearl

Gold Pan Pearl

Green Apple Pearl

Guillotine Pearl


Kilauea Orange Pearl

Loch Green Pearl

Lush Green Pearl

Lux Blue Pearl

Madrid Pearl

Marave Pearl

Miami Silk Pearl

Penny Pearl

Pinetop Pearl

Purp-ethozine Pearl

Purple Pearl

Royal Flush Pearl

Ruby Pearl

Satin Blaze Pearl

Satin Gold Pearl

Silver-White Pearl

Sparkle Pearl

Starbucks Pearl

Vintage Violet Pearl

Vista Blue Pearl

White Light Pearl

Ari Gold Pearl

Empire Gold Pearl

Halogen Blue Pearl

Mini Frost Pearl

Olivine Pearl

Titanium Frost Pearl

Viridian Pearl