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About Scalefinishes

The initial idea of Scalefinishes came about in early 2007, when I was working on a project to build a Corvette model for every year that Corvettes are built, I was going to build a car from 1953 to the present, and keep working on the collection as new kits, and new generations of Corvettes became available. That idea was good, but I quickly found that there was one major area of modelling that was lacking… Factory correct paint colors. After building a few kits, I grew tired of the same old color offerings from the hobby paint suppliers. If I wanted to build an authentic car I would have to go beyond what Tamiya, and Testors were offering. I knew of Model Car World and their line of authentic car colors, good paints, but they only covered up to the 1972 model year so if I was building any cars newer than that I was on my own. Luckily there was Cobra Colors and they had paints for the newer Corvettes so that solved that issue, right until they closed their doors.

Relying on my knowledge of paint and bodywork on 1:1 cars, I decided to get the paint colors I needed from my local paint supply shops. This worked great, but left me with A LOT of leftover paints, and was quite expensive for just painting a model (Not many paint paint shops like to mix less than a quart of color at a time). It was then that I decided to research the feasibility of opening my own paint business. Scalefinishes was officially launched as an Ebay store on February 22nd 2008. The focus of that store was growth through mixing colors as customers asked for them. Within six months I decided that Scalefinishes was something I could do, and make work for myself and my customers. opened on August 22nd 2008. In the summer of 2014 I bought my own Dupont paint mixing machine, and started mixing paints in house. This has given me the opportunity to make small quantity batches of colors, keep quality control in my hands, and give me access to an unlimited number of colors (Factory applied and custom) that I can mix.

The bottom line is Scalefinishes is made in America, based on the idea of covering a huge hole in the modeling community, and ran by a fellow modeler painter, and car guy. As time goes on Scalefinishes will continue to grow, and I will do my best to find new products that will help modelers build better models and bring more enjoyment of the hobby we all love.