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Read this before using Scalefinishes products.

We mainly sell automotive colors, but have branched out to military, fleet, and custom colors. the website is always being updated, so If you don't see a color you need on the site, please email me, I am sure I can find exactly what you are looking for.

There is also a selection of items I sell, on the website, that I think work well with my paints, and will continue to add to those lines as I get the chance.

I recommend that you use gloves and a respirator when using any of my painting products.


My Automotive colors are pulled from the Dupont color mixing computer, then mixed at my shop with the DuPont paint mixing toners I have here, they are 100% authentic colors, and are automotive grade paint. Didspade, and House of Kolor paints are manufactured by their namesake companies, we make them useable for modelers.


We offer Four (4) shipping options.
1. US Economy: This is basic ground and will be a flat rate of $4.99 per order. USPS quotes up to 6 days for normal delivery.

2. US Priority: Which will be $9.99 flat rate per order, will also give you priority order fulfillment (orders will be shipped the next available shipping day after we receive them). USPS quotes 2-3 days for normal delivery.

3. Canadian shipping: Which will be $23.99 up to 10 bottles and $39.99 for 11 or more bottles. No more fussing with the add on, or needing to contact us for an invoice to cover the extra costs.

4. Worldwide shipping: we now have an option for the rest of the world. $32.99 up to 10 bottles, and $55.99 for 11 bottles or more.

Scroll down to the bottom of the shopping cart to get to the shipping options. You must chose your shipping option on the bottom of the shopping cart overview page. It is located below the totals and the add-on section of the shopping cart, just above the section where you apply the discount codes, SCROLL DOWN TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SHOPPING CART.


My colors are pre-thinned enamels that are ready to spray with an airbrush right out of the bottle. Shake them up and pour them in the brush, you are ready to paint.

Use a respirator when using these products, they are professional grade automotive paints, and have some harsh chemicals in them.

I recommend 20-30psi of air pressure to spray the paints.

2-3 medium coats of paint are usually good to cover the primer coat, but use as many as you think it needs to achieve an even color coat.

Give at least 10-15 minutes between coats (flash time).

An airbrush needle of .3 or .5 will work well with my paints.


NEVER use my paints on bare plastic, they must have a primer coat used over the plastic to keep the solvents in the paint from ruining anything.

SUPERprimer works better with lighter coats, and a little longer flash times between coats.

Currently I sell primer in three colors (gray, white, and red), they are all the same line, and should spray/cover/dry exactly the same. The only difference is the color.

My primers are modern automotive grade primers, they work on plastics, metals, and resins, as well as any body filler/spot putty imaginable.

I only recommend my primers, so I can guarantee compatibility between the primer and the paint.

You must lightly scuff any plastic you are going to spray primer on with some fine grit sandpaper, that creates a surface for the primer to hold on to.


Most of my colors are broken down between basecoats and gloss enamels.


-Dry shiny and require no more products to be used over them.
-Works best with light coats (4-5), and longer flash time (10-15 minutes) between coats.
-Can use Gloss Enamel hardener to speed up cure time to around 4 hours (4:1 ratio), and use heavier coats without causing dry time issues.


-Dry to a dull sheen, and they require a gloss clearcoat to be applied over them for shine and protection.
-Can be used with any of the four clearcoats we currently sell, as well as most other commercially available clear automotive type paints on the market.


-Solid colors are just a color and have no metallic or pearl flakes in them.
-Metallic colors have a sparkle that comes from either a metallic flake, or from a pearl added to them.
-When painting with a metallic, I recommend you use lighter coats of color to keep the flakes from "floating" which causes them to stand on edge in the paint carrier and dry rough. Then finish off the paint with a "drop coat". this can be done by pulling the airbrush a little farther back from your normal painting distance, and spraying the color in a circular pattern to even out the flake disbursement and not build up a heavy layer of color.



-Our most versatile product by far. These are used over a colored basecoat paint (usually black, but the color is your choice). They are sprayed on the base color to give a metallic, color change, or pearl effect to the color used. You can spray as much or as little as you like to get any amount of sparkle. One color, but endless options on a finished color.

House Of Kolor (HOK)

-A major brand name in custom colors, gracing some of the greatest customs and hot rods built since the 60s. This is a great paint line to use when the ease of a basecoat color is wanted, but still having the option of some amazing and beautiful color choices.

Candy colors

-These work like Didspade, but are just a colored midcoat clear you need to spray over a basecoat color (gold and silver are traditional). Gold base color with a red candy (candy apple red) is the most common version of this.
-Not to be confused with the HOK Kandy basecoat colors (KBC), those are just regular basecoat colors and spray on as easy.


We currently sell mutiple versions of clear, each has it's own advantage, and can be used over decals.

500 Clear.

-Dries shiny and hard, It's a good choice if you are wanting to sand and polish the clear to get a show shine.

Honey Clear.

-Named after the slight golden color it has in the bottle, once dry all traces of the gold tint will disappear.
-Dries very fast, even at room temperature.
-Crystal clear and shiny when dry.
-Decal friendly, so you can use it directly over the top of decals.
-Works with both Basecoats, and Gloss Enamels.
- Adding our Enamel hardener (NOT REQUIRED FOR USE) gives you the flexibility of quicker dry times and a higher gloss. Looks like a 2K clear but without some of the harsh chemicals or bad smell.
-Honey Matte Clear is the same product as the gloss version only in a low sheen finish. Great for interiors, military, and custom applications.

2K Clear.

-Sold in 1oz. kits. The bottles look empty but are the right amount to finish at least one 1/25 scale car body.
-Caution should be taken during hot weather months, at temps over 95 the hardener will set up in the bottle during shipping. There will be no refunds or replacements for this occurance.
-This is a high quality clearcoat system and the hardener has an average lifespan of aproximately 3 weeks in the bottle. Do not order if you are not ready to use quickly.
-Hardener should be stored in a dark cool place for maximum life span. I recommend keeping it in the refrigerator if possible. Please allow hardener to warm to room tempurature before use.
-This is the ultimate clear for shine and ease of use. Mix part A and B together shake it up good, and it is ready to use. Spray on until it becomes nice and glossy, then let it sit, dries rock hard in about four hours.
-Will need very little to no touchup to end up with a deep shine that looks show ready out of the airbrush.
-Must use respirator with this clear, it has some very harsh chemicals that should not be breathed in.


Flocking is used to simulate carpeted areas in automotive interiors, and can be used to cover various other interior components to create some wild custom effects. My favorite is using off white to make those old school sheep skin seat covers, and the charcoal gray works good for speaker boxes. You can also use flocking to make those crazy plush steering wheel covers! 

1. Apply glue to area for flocking.
2. Sprinkle flocking over wet/tacky glue.
3. Tap or press flocking into glue.
4. Shake off excess flocking.


Currently we are aware of issues with, and do not recommend using;
-Tamiya primers made after after 2022, the new formula does not work with our paints.
-Future floor shine has been an issue covering our basecoats. Customers have reported crackling of the finish, and finish flaking off the basecoats.
- Mr Color Leveling thinner has been reported to cause issues with our paints, it caused severe fish eye in the color coat. 

We ship a small plastic spoon with each bottle of paint sold. With the test spoons you can try out your favorite combo of products without having an issue ruin an entire kit.