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Use the same quality supplies we use.


Empty 2oz. Boston Round

Empty 2oz. Boston round bottle is the same clear PET Bottle that we use for all our paint colors. Comes with Lid, agitator ball, and 2 blank labels.

Empty Shaker Bottle

Empty Shaker Bottle is the same bottle we sell our flocking in. Comes with flip top lid, and 2 blank labels W/flocking aplication instructions printed on them.
3.5oz. size easily stores in common spice racks.

Droppers and spoons.

5pcs 6" Large Droppers.

6" long droppers are perfect for transferring large amounts of paints and solvents.

10pc. Dropper and spoon set.

Dropper and spoon sets are 5pcs. each of the same miniature spoons and droppers that we include with all paint orders. This is great opportunity to stock up.


This is the same premium enamel reducer we use in all our paints.
Not for use with 2K clear.

Reducer 1oz.

1oz. Bottles are thin and come with a dropper top to make controlled dispensing of reducer an easy task. A few drops will go a long way.

Reducer 2oz.

2oz. Reducer comes in our Boston round bottles and can be resused when empty.