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Premium Pre-thinned airbrush colors.


BL-1 Basecoat Black


BL-2 Low Gloss Black Enamel


BL-3 Semi-Gloss Black Enamel


BL-4 Gloss Black Enamel


Black 4 Pack.

For only $22.99 you get a 2oz. bottle of each BL black we carry. (BL-1 Basecoat, BL-2 Low Gloss, BL-3 Semi-Gloss, and Bl-4 gloss).

These colors are super useful for all modeling projects!

Black Pack


817 White


Gloss Enamel hardener

Shake before use.
Mix 10 parts paint to 1 part hardener.
Less is more, adding more hardener WILL NOT shorten dry times.

Use a respirator when using this product.

Aluminum bottle of Hardener is guaranteed for 1 year after purchase (keep lid tightened and secure, and store in a cool place)

Gloss Enamel Hardener 1oz.


SUPERprimer Gray is perfect for all around painting, and works with all colors. My Go-to for all paint jobs.
SUPERprimer Black is great under metals, dark colors, and perfect for use as a substitute for BL-1 under pearl midcoats. When left bare it looks similar in sheen to BL-2 Low-Gloss Black.
SUPERprimer Red is good for oxide red finishes (car underbodies, and military equipment), plus it can be used as a base for rust tone finishes.
SUPERprimer White is good for super light colors and a must for Neon colors.
SUPERprimer Pink is good for bright reds.

SUPERprimer 4 pack (Gray, White, Pink, Red)

SUPERprimer Black


SUPERprimer Gray


SUPERprimer Red


SUPERprimer White


SUPERprimer Pink


SUPERprimer does like a light coat and a short dry time between coats, but covers well, leaves fine details, and works over metal, plastic, and resin.

Honey Clear

-SUPERgloss and SUPERmatt will no longer be available, this is the new product that will replace them.
-Named after the slight golden color it has in the bottle, once dry all traces of the gold tint will disappear.
-Dries very fast, even at room temperature.
-Crystal clear and shiny when dry.
-Decal friendly, so you can use it directly over the top of decals.
-Works with both Basecoats, and Gloss Enamels.
- Adding our Enamel hardener (NOT REQUIRED FOR USE) gives you the flexibility of quicker dry times and a higher gloss. Looks like a 2K clear but without some of the harsh chemicals or bad smell.
-Honey Matte Clear is the same product as the gloss version only in a low sheen finish. Great for interiors, military, and custom applications.

Honey gloss

Honey matte

500 Series clear

Premium Gloss Enamel, dries hard, and quick. Great for wet sanding and polishing.

Also available in Semi-Gloss, Satin, and Flat!

500 Clear

2K Urethane Clearcoat

One and done! This is the ultimate in clearcoat, cures in about three hours and keeps a wet look like shine! Paint in the morning, and detail at night.
2K Clear is only good for a few hours after it has been mixed.

Aluminum bottle of Hardener is guaranteed for 2 months after purchase (keep lid tightened and secure, and store in a cool place)

2K Urethane Clearcoat 1oz. set

5oz. 2K clearcoat kit.

With the success of the aluminum bottles in keeping our hardeners usable for much longer than before, we are now offering a 5oz. 2K clear kit. You get 4oz of clearcoat, and 1 oz of Hardener, as well as 10 of our droppers. You can mix as much or as little as you like.

Mix ratio is 4:1 -Four (4) parts clear to one (1) part hardener.
DO NOT use the same dropper in both the clear and the hardener, it WILL ruin both.

5oz. 2K clearcoat kit

Midcoat clear

Midcoat clears are used by custom painters to protect previous layers of paint, and to create subtle 3D effects in layers of paint. They are great for flame paint jobs, and intricate artwork you want to protect from masking tape, small painting errors, or sanding.

One warning about using midcoat clears on scale models is that it will build up quickly and leave your paint looking too thick if you use it heavily. A light touch, and discretion is the name of the game in scale painting.

Midcoat Clear


Can be used with all the colors I sell (except 2K Clear).