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All Flocking Fibers ar sold in 1/2 ounce by weight, and come in a flip top shaker bottle. No need for an additional sifter to apply flocking.
All Match colors are basecoat paints that match the flocking color.
Slime-Free glue is recommended for gluing flocking fibers.
Glue is clear, non toxic, washable, and comes with an applicator brush in the bottle!
Flocking Kit comes with flocking in a shaker bottle, 2oz. glue, 2oz. paint, and a bonus 6"x6" tray for easy cleanup. Plus comes in a convenient storage box.

Slime-Free Glue

Apricot Flocking

Baby Blue Flocking

Baby Pink Flocking

Beige Flocking

Black Flocking

Blue Flocking

Bright Magenta Flocking

Bright Red Flocking

Bright Yellow Flocking

Brown Flocking

Butter Cream Flocking

Cantaloupe Flocking

Cardinal Red Flocking

Charcoal Gray Flocking

Coral Flocking

Dark Brown Flocking

Deep Purple Flocking

Emerald Green Flocking

Forest Green Flocking

Gold Flocking

Golden Brown Flocking

Goldenrod Flocking

Gray Flocking

Green Flocking

Hot Pink Flocking

Lavender Flocking

Light Blue Flocking

Light Brown Flocking

Lime Green Flocking

Magenta Flocking

Navy Blue Flocking

Nude Flocking

Off White Flocking

Orange Flocking

Plum Flocking

Plum Kiss Flocking

Purple Flocking

Raspberry Red Flocking

Red Flocking

Royal Blue Flocking

Rose Pink Flocking

Rust Brown Flocking

Sandstone Flocking

Sea Foam Green Flocking

Silver Gray Flocking

Tan Flocking

Teal Blue Flocking

Turquois Flocking

White Flocking

Wine Red Flocking