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Premium Pre-thinned midcoat custom candy colors.
All candy colors are designed to be used over a basecoat. House Of Kolor BC01 Solor Gold and House Of Kolor BC02 Orion Silver are recomended, but any color can work, just use your imagination the options are limitless.

Candy colors are easy to use, Just choose your basecoat color, and then spray the midcoat. The more of the midcoat you spray, the darker the candy color will be. Finish it off with a clearcoat for shine and protection of the color.

House of Kolor BC01 Solor Gold

House of Kolor BC02 Orion Silver

Bloodshot Candy

Tropic Orange Candy

Mile High Candy

Black Candy

Lemonhead Candy

Cali Green Candy

Evergreen Candy