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Premium Pre-thinned airbrush colors.


10 Bottle Gloss Enamel Box (10 misc gloss enamel 2oz. bottles).
Chevrolet Gloss Enamel (5 2oz. bottles).
Ford Gloss Enamel (5 2oz. bottles).
Black base, 2 pearls, 1 interference, 1 colorshift, all 2oz. bottles.
Legit Mystery box
Twelve (12) 2oz. bottles of unreplicatable colors.
For the fans of the mystery comes a box full of true mystery colors!
These come from my local paint supplier, and are good paints, just unknown paint codes.
Box contains both Gloss Enamels and Basecoat colors.
None of these colors have been available before, and once they are gone, will not come back.